Why are companies interested in the Metaverse?

In addition to marketing and business opportunities, there is another field in which virtual reality can be used in a useful and effective way: training and education.

The companies that have adopted AR, VR and mixed reality solutions are numerous, indeed the projection of the growth in value destined for this market to the threshold of 20.9 billion by the end of 2025.

AR, VR, Metaverse and Training

One of the ways to take advantage of new technologies is certainly through training. Companies are investing in employees training and have decided to do it in an innovative and contemporary way.

The advantages are not only for people who will be trained, in a faster, more stimulating and in a safer way but also for the companies, which in this way reduce training times and costs and obtain a more qualified staff thanks to the repetition of training (without further costs, if not those given by the initial investments).

Every sector can use this new type of training: the characteristics of immersiveness and the benefits can be used both for training in dangerous jobs, such as for pilots or for those who work at high altitudes, but also for classroom training, making the experience much more real and interactive. Communicating in a virtual environment is much more immersive than a video conference.

AR and VR case studies

Companies that have decided to implement these technologies are not many, especially in Italy, while in the rest of the world the development is growing increasingly, especially in the branch of medicine that is making huge progress thanks to new technologies.

Among the Italian pioneers we find:

  • Enel, with the project for training operators and for daily maintenance operations.
  • Olivetti, with the VR Academy project, realized together with AnotheReality, for the training of technicians specialized in printers.
  • Dallara, with VR driving simulators that even led to an online competition among consumers.

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