With the advent of digital and more recently with virtual, cinema and television are decreasing.

For several years now, in fact, cinema has been through an important decline: less audience and less box office.

At the same time, television and tv shows are slowly changing their medium, moving from televisions to portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Videos are still one of the most important and research content on the web: entertainment industry is transforming itself.

Source: We Are Social

New frontiers of meta-tainment

Among the most innovative and immersive experiments, we can mainly distinguish:

  • 360-degree video: video that enlarges the viewer’s vision.
  • Volumetric video: video that takes the subject from every angle, it is the overcoming of the two-dimensional video.
  • Special effects: used to create new worlds, characters and effects that are difficult to achieve in reality.
  • Use of viewers: one example is Google’s Spotlight Stories.

Music Virtual World

Unlike entertainment, the music world has already begun to discover the potential of the Metaverse, especially driven by the consequences of the Covid emergency and the need to find new alternatives.

About live events, new technologies give the opportunity to create special effects and memorable sets that can make the experience unique and unforgettable.

Inspired by virtual events, artists began to experiment with first virtual concerts within video games with a large audience, such as Fortnite, which in fact hosted the Ariana Grande and Travis Scott concerts.

AR and VR technologies have made it possible not only to manage virtual concerts, but also to change traditional communication and to offer audiences new experiences and opportunities.

Gué Pequeno, with his album Mr. Fini, offered his fans a completely new experience to get additional multimedia content through a mobile app.

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