Arturo Tedeschi

For architect and computational designer Arturo Tedeschi, who will be present at On Metaverse Summit, architecture is changing profoundly, both from a design and creative point of view. It is thanks to Artificial Intelligence, which is evolving every phase of the design of the construction prototype, introducing new creative insights, but also making it possible to study in advance the environmental repercussions of a project, making it more sustainable and efficient.

A mixed reality, where the virtual will augment and enrich the real even in the field of architecture. This is what lies ahead for Arturo Tedeschi, who, ahead of the On Metaverse Summit, offered his vision, anticipating some of the themes of the meeting.
Indeed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing architecture in multiple ways, greatly influencing the speeding up of processes and opening new perspectives for the creation of innovative and sustainable worlds. Advanced optimization algorithms and parametric modeling now offer design professionals an overview of multiple solutions in significantly reduced time.

For example, it is possible to analyze the environmental impact of a building by assessing energy efficiency, resource use and carbon emissions. This makes it possible to create more sustainable and efficient architectural designs.
In addition to speeding up processes, AI also offers the possibility of influencing visual imagery and language through innovative and surprising designs, breaking with traditional patterns and paving the way for new aesthetics and formal solutions.
The development of advanced AI techniques, capable of providing increasingly comprehensive solutions, will paradoxically – according to Tedeschi – lead to the need to supplement technical training with a broad ability to read and understand phenomena and one’s own field of intervention. In other words, the ability to create will be replaced by the ability to choose, to select.