Carlo Antonelli

The revolution ahead represents a promise of change that will affect everyone. The third dimension realized by Web3 will propel us into an extended reality where we will work, have fun, and do business. A very near future yet to be written according to Carlo Antonelli.

The evolution of the cell phone during the 30 years since the birth of the Internet represents something unthinkable. Starting from this assumption, Carlo Antonelli, introduces the role that the Metaverse will play and at the same time its overcoming, that is, Extended Reality.
No matter whether it is reached through special viewers, with special glasses or special environments: we will find ourselves living in a new dimension that will allow our digital twins or digital identities to sit around a table. They will be able to observe presentations in screens suspended and maneuverable in space through calculations and configurations produced and synthesized in real time by generative Artificial Intelligences of entire worlds, often completely new ones. This 3-D layer of the new reality is increasingly being given the name Web3, signifying the third era of the Internet. An era that will lead to a very significant upsurge (and radical change) in business processes, to a real bang (as the title, not surprisingly, of the sister event, happening on the same days, ‘BizBangShow‘ dedicated entirely to the digital transformation of companies, goes (not surprisingly).

According to Antonelli, the growth of Augmented Reality (AR) that can materialize numeric objects and entities around us should also not be forgotten. It will become a constant element of our everyday life and the way we present products.
By the way, there are also the fully digital objects to be bought or collected or simply used as tools/keys to access real experiences. They are like closed boxes that can hold many things, for now mainly unique images. Hence the term ‘Non Fungible Token’ (NFT). Other ‘objects’ that will populate the Extended Reality whose security of exchange is already guaranteed by the security and exchange processes of the Blockchain (a lock, say, that can guarantee the secure protected identity of every digital object we have named).
For Carlo Antonelli, therefore, the Metaverse is anything but a boring word or a broken promise.
It represents the whole of the near present, which will arrive in our lives with unexpected speed.