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Velvet is a full-scope marketing agency specifically organized to guide companies in maximizing their e-commerce, marketplace and social commerce sales.
Thanks to its 150 professionals, Velvet helps companies boost their business in Italy and abroad, by providing long-term strategic consultancy as well as managing all marketing and online sales activities.

Passion, enthusiasm and tenacity in pursuing our goals is what characterizes us from the beginning fostered by evolution and inspired by innovation, we look out for new challenges.
Our mission is to connect Academia and Business, looking towards the future, driven by passion, we act as a bridge able to transfer knowledge and talents to companies, helping them to gain tangible results.
We create communities and support meaningful relationships between people and their ideas, because we believe in the power of innovation!

A Top 30 Highest Performing Learning Provider (LPI, 2020), Skilla is an innovative, accredited eLearning company with a portfolio of multinational clients and a fast-growing presence globally.
With over 20 years’ track record as a specialist content provider of eLearning solutions, 600+ clients and courses present in more than 50 countries worldwide, Skilla helps organisations and individuals adapt and thrive amid change and complexity.
We do this by developing learning agility and interpersonal skills, helping to create lifelong learners, inclusive leaders and adaptive learning organisations. We help organisations embed a learning culture, digitally transform, and harness change.

BID is an Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence consulting and solution company. A team of experts who use technology and machine learning as a daily working tool; performance, trust, innovation and curiosity are in our DNA. The acronym for BID is Break In + Data: the union of which intends to mine the data and extract the hidden value.

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