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The first Italian event, with an international vision, to discover the possibilities of the metaverse and virtual worlds
as a way to gain competitive advantage and enable the the process of virtual transformation.

The new computer paradigm of spatial computing, the virtualization technologies, the three-dimensional web today generically summarized in the term Metaverse are here now.

We are entering the era of virtual transformation: everything, potentially, could enter the Metavers: environments, facilities, products, processes and people, enabling new business opportunities, which are yet to be discovered.

The implications are potentially even more disruptive than what we saw in the digital transformation.

The Metaverse summit aims at bringing together technologists, opinion leaders and companies to ask them the most compelling questions and sketch out, together, the first answers, delving into a technology that is about to revolutionize modern society (again).

Be careful: the Metaverse is today also a media and technological bubble, a hype. What is often neglected is the utility for companies: how it helps business processes, how it improves competitiveness, how it supports marketing.

Many professionals and companies that have already had concrete experiences and matured best practices: we are here to share them. What hasn’t been debated yet is what steps a company should take to have a metaverse strategy: we are here to help. The future…is now.




AnotheReality is a virtual worlds company.
Leading Italian spatial computing pioneers since 2014, we are the virtual transformation partner for medium-large organizations. As such, we support organizations transitioning towards the metaverse paradigm, enabled by virtual worlds, spatial computing, and immersive technologies. Covering the full spectrum of immersive technologies, the pillars of our offerings are solutions for business virtual transformation, simulation training, and customer experience.

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Why attending


Get an overview of the metaverse state of the art and get a feeling of how socialization and business processes can become in a 3D world.


Excursus on the emerging use cases and applications that today use the technologies of virtual worlds to drive competitive advantage.


Become aware of the opportunities and challenges of the new paradigm, drawing inspiration from the best practices of those who have already created innovation.


What you’ll get
from the event

for all participants Benefits

  • Learn the concept of Metavers as a new enabling paradigm for companies
  • Get a flavor of the immersive technologies, from virtual worlds to the web
  • Leverage the key learnings from the experiences of leading companies
  • Access / meet international metaverse leaders

Benefits for Marketers

  • Discover how to use metaverse technologies for emotional branding
  • Learn how to revolutionize customer engagement and the customer experience
  • Explore New ways of generating business with virtual technologies

Benefits for HR and Training

  • Learn how to use simulation technologies to revolutionize the way of training
  • See how virtual training on procedures improves the learning rate
  • Virtualization of the academy as a competitive tool for resource growth

Benefits for Innovation Managers

  • See how to drive your company from digital to virtual transformation
  • From product development to sales, scout how to virtualize operations
  • Dive into the metaverse technologies as a competitive tool

Free Bonus for all attendees

  • Recordings of event interventions
  • Report on the state of the art of technology